13 Sweet Halloween Activities To Enjoy With Young Kids

Halloween with little ones is too fun. I hope this compilation gives you a few new ideas how to make this Halloween season special for you and your sweet kiddos. What are your favorite Halloween traditions!? Tell me know in the comments below!

Happy Halloween!

01 | Go on a neighborhood scavenger hunt

Search the neighborhood together to find spiderwebs, ghosts, pumpkins and more! This may help scout out the best homes to visit come trick-or-treat time.

Free Halloween Neighborhood 
scavenger Hunt

Download and find two scavenger hunt sheets to print out and give to your little ones as you walk around the neighborhood! 

Scavenger Hunt Promo
Scavenger Hunt

02 | Have Your Kids Practice Trick-Or-Treating at Home

I guarantee you'll get some laughs with this one. Teach your kids how to trick-or-treat for when the big day finally comes. Have one child stand on one side of a door, and the other knock with their candy bag in hand. You can teach them how to recieve candy politely, how to say "Happy Halloween" and "Thank you!" when visiting houses. 


03 | Make Your own haunted house

On a dark, rainy day, grab tables, chairs, blankets, and flashlights to make your own haunted house fort!

Make a halloween fort
Halloween Activities Pin

04 | Have a picnic

Pack a lunch and grab some blankets to go have a picnic around some beautiful fall foliage.

Go Have A Picnic, fall trees

05 | Go Pumpkin Picking

Go to a local pumpkin patch to let your kids choose some pumpkins for carving or decorating.

Mini pumpkin picking Halloween

06 | Decorate Mini Pumpkins

Use stickers, paint, glitter or whatever to let your kids get creative with their pumpkins. 

Halloween Decorate Mini Pumpkins

07 | Buy or Make A New Halloween Decoration Together

Scour Pinterest to make something, or the shops to buy something, to help your home bring the Halloween season to life! Add something new each year.

Buy or Make Halloween Decoration

08 | Break out some Halloween books

Thriftbooks is the place to go for great quality Halloween books at inexpensive prices. If you don't want to spend the money on seasonal books, head over to your local library to get some Halloween favorites.

Halloween Books

09 | Choose Costumes to Make or Buy

Costumes can take some creativity. It can be that time of year to break out the sewing machine and visit the fabric store or repurpose old clothes. The easiest way to choose a costume, ask your kid! I am sure they have plenty of ideas that could keep you busy. You may be surprised by how many costume options you already find around the house...see the image below for our haul!

Halloween Costumes Pile

10 | Visit A Corn Maze Or Take a Hayride

Your little ones may be too young for a haunted house, but hayrides and corn mazes are always good ideas! 

Visit a corn maze

11 | Visit a Local Farm Stand with animals

Visit a local (or not so local) farm stand to grab some yummy treats and maybe feed some animals!

Visit a local farm stand, petting zoo

12 | Bake a halloween treat together

Anything with pumpkin, cinnamon, or Halloween sprinkles will do! Try my favorite cinnamon roll recipe, or this pumpkin cake recipe. For a quick and easy treat, just grab some Pillsbury Halloween cookies. Always a crowd pleaser. 

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

13 | Collect leaves

Have your munchkins pick out their favorite leaves. Stick them in a scrapbook, or try and copy the beautiful colors of one with colored pencils or paint.

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay
13 Sweet Halloween Activities Pin

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