Becoming a parent is both the greatest gift and greatest challenge we can face

These articles are being written almost every night in the still hours, when everyone has gone to sleep and I can put my heart for parents and children on the page. I am blessed to be a parent who has received incredible guidance and support which I now hope to pass to you.

Parenting is a job that offers us a source of extreme delight and at other times it can face us with our deepest grief. I am so grateful that there has been help and grace for me all along the way.

Seeing parents find the help and encouragement they need to embrace the responsibility of parenting while actually enjoying their children is what Entrusted With Much is here for.

About Page Media
About Page Media

I hope you can find the practical and effective help that your family is looking for. I hope you will be met with compassionate grace and at the same time unwavering conviction to become the best parents possible.

When my children are fully grown I know they might not be able to say, “I had the perfect mom”, but I hope they can say, “She loved us deeply and tried every day”.

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About Me

My name is Paige! I met my husband years ago while we were studying in Australia. After our studies ended, we moved to his hometown in Switzerland before making our way back to the US more recently. We have three incredible children and hopefully more in the future! 

I have been gifted time and time again with such wisdom and encouragement that has blown my mind and changed everything I thought I knew about children or parenting. I don’t know what I would have done without some of the books I read or stories people have shared. Putting all these things together here for you is really a dream realized.

Gentle, positive, and respectful parenting was not instinctual for me. I had this deep intense love for my kids and wanted to be “nice” but what does good parenting really look like? I had to learn from the ground up how to parent like I didn’t know possible. I look at my children and feel extremely blessed and I treasure the responsibility that I have to take care of them well and give them much more than my best.