0-1 Year Old Gift Guide | Boys and Girls

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From small to tall, but always beautiful and fun, these gifts are guaranteed to bless the child in your life! 

The ages between 0-1 can allow for some gift overlap across genders and ages. I tried so hard to find gifts for boys at this age that girls wouldn’t like. Maybe there are some but I wanted this list to be real treasures and not junk. So if you’re looking for gifts for a boy be sure to scroll down and check out my general gift list.

While you’re at it check out all my gift lists form 0-4 in case your little girl loves dinosaurs (like mine!) or your little boy is an artist! 

Personally, I put a book with every gift I give. I am a firm believer that everyone is a reader once they have the right book in their hands. 

For additional help gift hunting, check out these posts on Family Games, Stocking Stuffers and Favorite Books.

Boys or girls

Baby Training Toothbrush

As soon as those little teeth appear parents need toothpaste and toothbrushes! So stock them up this year with this kit!

Wooden Push Car

Your little one will love pushing this around and putting the people in their "seats".

Play Car Steering Wheel

Lights, sounds, drive! Sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Wooden Shakers

These baby instruments are made with parents in mind, as they give off a gentle musical sound while not compromising on entertainment!

Adorable Curtain Tiebacks

Add a sweet note to any nursery with these curtain tie backs. You can find many more animal options on Amazon.

Water Play Mat

This mat is not only fun but helps babies enjoy tummy time which makes it a parent's best friend.

Baby Play Mat

Give the baby in your life a safe floor space to play and develop their strength.

"Touched By Nature" Organic Cotton Bodysuits

These onesies are not only beautiful cotton but have adorable prints with over 80 options to choose from!

Textured Baby Ball Gift

Great toy that exposes babies to different textures and helps their sensory development. Yes that's a thing now, ha! Love modern parenting.

Climb and Crawl Playset

If you have the space for this awesome playset it's sure to be loved throughout that baby's childhood.

Baby Stella Dolls

This is the perfect first baby doll for boys or girls. There's a magnetic binky and tons of accessories to choose from!

Djeco Rattles

These rattles hold up so well and are beautiful. A gift to be passed on through generations.

Rainbow Stacker

With these fun stacker toys you can Montessori your baby without the wood!

Crinkle Books

It's never too early to put a book in the hands of your baby! This engaging crinkle book is the best place to start.

Squish Toy

Engage sight sound and squish factor with this colorful toy!

Photo Book

Fill this book with pictures of loved ones or a day to remember!

Rubber Fridge Magnets

These colorful and playful magnets will give our baby something to enjoy while spending time with you in the kitchen!

Barnyard Animals With Sounds

This carry along barnyard set is not only huggable but educational! Each animal plays it's own sound.

Tummy Time Mirror

Put this mirror in front of your baby and

Ultra Soft Baby Socks

All I can say is, I want these in my size

Baby Feeder

Help your baby try new foods safely or ease the teething pain with some frozen fruit or breastmilk!

Soft Floor Mat

Give your baby a soft place to play and explore!


Cuddle + Kind Stuffed Animal

Any of these adorable plush toys will be a cherished heirloom gift for years to come. Additionally, every purchase contributes to a great charity!

Warm Slippers

These adorable booties are easy to put on and more importantly, will stay on and keep those little tootsies warm and safe as they learn to walk!

Music Box

This beautiful wooden music box will entertain any baby with music and spinning wooden swans. Not to mention magnetic pieces and safe to play with!

Special Lovey

These soft huggable lovey will be sure to be your little ones security toy of choice!

Bibs Pacifiers

Bibs makes the most beautiful binkys I have ever seen. The perfect accessory to any baby outfit!

Princess Onsies

The Disney loving mom in your life will surely love these onesies "dressing" the baby up as each princess.

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