How to Guarantee Your Child’s Love of Reading (Even before they can read)

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My children’s love of reading and books surpasses even my own. 

There was a point when my toddlers were so entranced by their books each day that I thought, “Oh no, maybe we’ve gone too far!”

The Healthy Addiction

The main goal is to attract them to books more than movies, TV, phones, or iPads, right? An essential key to helping our children fall in love with reading lies in the healthy regulation or total ban of those other options. 

Baby watching TV

In our home, we allow one movie night a week. On very early mornings, the times I need to take a shower, or when I have to bribe my potty trainee to poop, a single episode of Sesame Street or Heidi is permitted. Don’t get me wrong, when the TV is on, we love it. We limit those moments and there are no iPads or phones around for a child’s use. 

Sometimes during the millionth Cinderella viewing it can be a challenge for me to stay off my phone and be present with them!

Nonetheless, their love for books wouldn’t be so prevalent if I allowed an addiction to these more “attractive” options to take hold.  

For parents just starting to set boundaries concerning screens, I would encourage you to begin as you wish to go. Commit to putting the love of books in their hearts above other options.

 Why do you want your kid to love reading?

A love for reading has so many benefits including…

  • An amazing bonding opportunity 
  • Increases listening skills
  • Improves cognitive and language skills
  • Expands their vocabulary
  • Develops their attention span
  • Encourages their creativity  
  • Improves concentration and memory
  • Teaches life lessons
  • Develops their ability to relate socially and emotionally
  • Gives your child an awesome independent play activity even before they can read

The three reasons in bold are the biggest ones for me. Boding, attention span, and successful independent play are among my highest priorities!

What from this list is important to you?
Tell me in the comments below!!

What to allow while reading

What to allow while reading

Allow Your Child to interrupt you

That is, as much as you can stand!

Allow your child to walk away from a book before it’s over

The attention span will get there! Keep trying!

Allow the reading of one favorite book over and over 

I’m looking at you, Green Eggs and Ham!

Allow them to gather a stack of books and work your way through Them 

Take breaks if necessary!

Side Note…
For your kids to love reading you need to love it too. If these tips will push you away from this activity together it’s completely okay to set boundaries around reading that help you to enjoy it. Explain to your child that you want to read to them and they need to accept some of your limits in order for it to be fun for everyone.

Tips to support the love

Build an at-home library

Books are so expensive so Thrift Books, Goodwill, any second-hand store, or even your local library can be great places to buy discounted books!
Kid’s books are going to get beat up anyway so save your money on the beautiful covers that will get thrown in the trash and buy used!


Belong to a library and visit it often

Belonging to a library can develop a respect for other people’s property and teach responsibility. Also, your library most likely has many activities you may not be aware of. Princess visits, artistic hours, and hoola-hoop lessons are just a few of the events from our local library.

Keep Books Everywhere

Keep books in a main space where the child has easy access

If the child can’t get to the books on their own, there is no chance of this becoming a loved hobby. Use baskets, a low shelf, or just an old-fashioned stack to keep kids’ books available to them at any moment. Don’t get overly precious about their condition, teach children respect for books but allow them to become loved.

Keep Books Everywhere

Keep books everywhere

In the car, in the diaper bag, in the stroller, in the living room, in the playroom, in their rooms, or even perhaps wherever they take time-outs. Exposure is key. 

Book Mess

Have a variety of book Types

Get bath books and undestroyable books for your young ones. Have books that sing or make sounds. Lift-a-flap books, pop-up books, books with lights! Mini books, books with one story every day for a year. Have books that teach them things about the world or other people. The sky is the limit.

Dad reading to baby

Read to them often

Reading is not meant to be a chore or even a routine. When you find yourself with a few free moments, encourage them to grab a book for you to read to them! If they don’t seem interested, grab a book of your own and read infront of them!

love reading

Don’t rush through the text

If you have to stop before a long book is finished, return to it later! Better to read a few pages than none at all. 


Make it fun

Sing the songs from the accompanying movie, make funny voices, add an accent, whatever! Point out things you notice in the picture that they might have missed. Keep them engaged with a little fun!

toddler reading

Be a reader

The best inspiration is in your example. Having books around that you enjoy will encourage your kids the most.

Books Baby

give them a new book for every occasion 

Valentine’s Day, Christmas, their birthday…add a book to everything!

barnes and noble

Visit bookstores

Is there anything more fun than going to Barnes and Noble to check out the toys, and books, and grab a sweet treat?! There is often a live reading on Saturday mornings on their little stage. So sweet.

barnes and noble

Have a Toniebox  

For those of you who are newer to the kid-stuff world, a Toniebox is a child-operated sound machine that plays stories by way of a hand-painted figure set on top. It is durable and easy to use (although not necessarily easy to set up).


There are many reasons I actually resent our Toniebox but it is second-to-none in helping your children fall in love with stories and reading. It gives you a break while entertaining your child in a screen-free way, especially when a stack of books can’t be lugged around. Long car rides, on those long bathroom breaks, during their rest time, or even at bedtime, the TonieBox can save the day! There are stories, music, and even customizable figures.

So no matter my beef with the box, I reccomend it without question.

If you take one tip…

If you take one thing away from this post it should be the encouragement to have a variety of books readily available to your kids. This tip alone will set your child on the course toward growing their love of books and support a love of reading! 

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